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Veronica Yuill

Veronica YuillVeronica has a degree from the London School of Economics. After a spell as a field archaeologist she took a Diploma in Information Technology and a second degree at the UK’s Open University. With over twenty years’ experience of systems analysis, database design, and programming, Veronica specialises in creating dynamic websites and intranets. She also teaches online web development courses offered by the Open University and She is the author of Successful Internet Marketing (David Grant Publishing, 1999), a very early contribution to a field which has developed considerably since. When not gazing at a computer screen, she spends her time enjoying the Mediterranean way of life. Her ambition is to continue to learn something new every day.

Stephen Cracknell

Steve CracknellSteve has been running Archetype since its foundation in 1992. He took a degree in archaeology at the University of Cambridge, graduating in 1976. His role in publishing excavation reports led him into editing and typesetting and thus to the web. His skills lie in design, project management, and in his technical knowledge of web site construction. He says: “With the arrival of social media a whole new segment of the population is starting to participate in the construction of the internet. We communicate more, and with new tools. My aim is to create websites adapted to this constantly changing world.”