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Rentals Lisbon

site internet pour la location d'appartements à Lisbon

The latest baby of one of our long-term clients. We have been working with Glenn Cooper since 1999. This site adapts to different screen sizes, including mobile phones.

Feels Like Home in Paris

site internet créé pour Feels LIke Home in Paris, location d'appartements parisian

One of the features of our computer program is the automatic updates which are sent to the client’s IPhone, allowing her to manage the apartments wherever she happens to be.

Paris Fractional Ownership

site vitrine pour Paris Fractional Ownership

The design of this site is based on the printed brochure, reflecting the company’s corporate image.

Paris Rental Connections

site internet commercial de location d'appartements à Paris

This site was built with the WordPress content management system allowing the client to do her own updates. It includes an integrated customised apartment reservation system.

Perfectly Paris

Perfectly Paris, site internet d'une entreprise qui loue des appartements à Paris

Here we work on the back office of one of the best-know Parisian apartment rentals websites.

HiP blog

le blog de Haven in Paris, créé sous WordPress

This WordPress blog gets more than a million visitors a year. We look after the technical side.